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Invest in decentralized networks, trunk optical fiber, real business.


Token of standard ERC20, developed on the Ethereum blockchain.

"Preseeding Stage"

TelecomCoin is specifically designed for the pre-investment phase. In preparation for the main investment company (STO), a sale will be held TeleconCoin.

Upon completion of the STO, the owner of TelecomCoin will be able to exchange his asset for RoborToken (privileged security token). This will give the investor certain advantages relative to other investors. For example, a guaranteed fixed rate. Privileged RoborToken will only be distributed among TelecomCoin owners. Details read in Whait paper

How RoborNet Works

Invest in the development of the telecommunications industry, in a real business, in a working model.

We provide excellent services and ideas.

RoborNet is creating a project for investment in regional telecom operators, and will also develop telecommunications startups. This will help reduce risks and costs. That will allow you to get a good return on investment at the same level as the large owners, without additional payment to third parties.

RoborNet is a long-term project that will help you to receive and safely own the assets of telecom operators.

The idea is to use investments for development and, perhaps, also to acquire regional, not large operators of communication and development in the initial region.

RoborNet forms an entirely new financial tool that allows everyone to participate in the development of telecommunications services.

ICO Stages

ICO will be implemented in stages, while the structure of the ICO process is quite flexible.

"Preseeding Stage"

"Preseeding stage" - a preliminary stage of the ICO. At this stage, a relatively modest amount of capital received from investors will be realized. Funds at this level will be directed solely to create an MVP (Minimally Viable Product). Also on marketing, branding and preparation for the next round of financing.

The “pre-seed stage” attracts the earliest investments designed to support the business, until it can generate its own cash flows or until further investments are initiated. The capital of this level consists of crowdinvesting funds (TelecomToken). It is supposed to collect from 400 (ETH) to 500 (ETH).

"Seed Round"

At this stage, there is already a model of the future business, there is a team, there is an understanding of the project, but there is no business itself. This level of funding is sometimes combined with pre-seed.
Attracted investments will be directed to the implementation of a working model of communication services. The goal of the “Seed Period” is to prepare the company for growth. Namely, implement a working model of communication services. It is also important to choose a jurisdiction and create a tax structure.

It is supposed to collect from 1000(ETH) до 1500(ETH)

Security Token Offering (STO)

This is the main stage in the sale of tokens and a significant fundraising stage. Privileged security tokens of this round are distributed to participants in sowing and early investment.

Attracted investments are spent on income growth and the formation of profits, expansion and financing.

Targets STO

The development of the real sector of business in the field of telecommunications.

We provide excellent services and ideas.

To create an independent source of investment, as a competitive advantage, for the introduction of new technologies in the field of telecommunications.

Implementation, modernization, expansion of the infrastructure of the fiber-optic network of broadband Internet access.

Telecommunications is a long-term asset. Communication is always in demand. For the investor, this is a guaranteed income in the real sector of the economy.

To create and develop a regional Internet provider, on the basis of investments received during the ICO - STO. This will allow us to experiment in the field of Internet technologies.


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  1. May - July 2019
    Development of Smartcontract. Launch site. Marketing company.
  2. The “pre-planting period” is the first, preliminary investment round. 500(ETH)
  3. Create MVP. The development of funds, construction, installation.
  4. "Seed Period" - the second investment round.
  5. The implementation of the model in full. Receiving a profit.
  6. Preparation for the main investment stage - STO. Writing smartcontract. Marketing company. Choice of jurisdiction.
  7. The main round of the investment company. To sell a security token.
  8. Creating a full-fledged broadband telecommunication network infrastructure in the region.
  9. 2021
    The first accrual of dividends.

Where to invest

The best investment of time and money will be testing the service, collecting feedback about them, and then speeding up the implementation.

Creation of an investment fund to finance start-ups in the field of telecommunications. Thus, this will increase the capitalization of the project, which will guarantee dividends.
Real Assets
One of the directions is the development of decentralized small networks, mesh networks. The development of infrastructure networks IoT (Internet of Things). Entry into the IoT market.
Financial instrument
Investors will be able to use the current information of the project. Also vote for certain initiatives and the overall direction of the project.

Our Team

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Viktor Mikheev

Founder, Project Manager

Mariia Chereshneva

Marketer. Senior community manager

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